Euyoung Hong
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Damageable Perfection, 2018

Found objects, cast silicone, string
Dimensions variable
Installation at Gallery I, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Gyeonggi

Damageable Perfection is based on a series of events occurring around industrial area in Gwarim-dong, Siheung-si. The area is on the border of three cities, Siheung-si, Gwangmyeong-si, and Bucheon-si. Despite continuous civil petitions by residents in those districts, the problems of the removal and relocation of factories and the restriction of development in the Green Belt areas are still entangled. This industrial area has been forgotten by people due to the geographical features of the ‘boundary area’. What is worse are deserted houses and wastes, which are gradually increasing in the area. Damageable Perfection creates a precarious linear space by binding, hanging and pulling objects, collected in this boundary area, using a thin string. This work focuses on the dual aspects of urban space, where the definition of space, standard, and order, suggested by a society, is easily forgotten, invaded, distorted, and removed, by adding a silicone object, which is collected from architectural spaces in the area and made by transforming its original materiality of the space.
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