Euyoung Hong
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Fragmented Space 2, 2010-11
Plywood, urethane paint, found objects
Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

I have constructed a huge grey piece of a fragmented space, whose idea has been originally derived from an actual apartment under the process of redevelopment. This work presents not only the construction of huge concrete buildings in the urban area, but also a cloud of dust, which can be conceived as the deconstruction and disappearance of constructed buildings. This fragmented form of a space focuses on the fact that spaces are infinitely fragmentized and flow; and our reality is filled with and produced by relations and conflictions between these fragmented spaces.

This site-oriented practice particularly refers to Kumwha apartment in Sudaemun-gu, Seoul. The apartment is one of the oldest apartments in Seoul, built in 1969, originally for the purpose of the public rental housing particularly for low income families. But it was used for the political propaganda of the military government of president Park Junghui. In 2007, these apartments have been included to the government's redevelopment plan due to its poor safety condition as a residential place. Therefore, the people who were living in the apartments were asked to leave that place. However, there are still 5 to 7 families remaining in the apartments until present, because those people are not afford to move into another place.
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