Euyoung Hong
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The Spatial Politics of the Sculptural
Euyoung Hong Space is a formative factor in the production of sculpture. Phenomenological thought interprets sculptural work in relation to the immersive experience of the viewer, situating it within its environment. But what possibilities lie beyond this unitary position? What is the political potential of a sculptural object? How can its spatial relations an.. Read more
Constructed Landscape
Text by Chung-Hwan Kho Text by Euyoung Hong Paperback 82 pages 2016 ISBN 979-11-957910-0-2 Published by The Art Research Studio The Art Research Studio is a Korean publisher. It was founded in 2016 by Euyoung Hong and specialises academic books, catalogues and online resourses in the field of art and cultural studies. Read more
Fragmented Space
Text by Sunyoung Lee Text by Euyoung Hong Hardback 80 pages Illustrated throughout 2011 Read more
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