Euyoung Hong
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Index on Territory
2020 Munumi (Teawhi Kim) Even in the process of updating a game, the direction of its developers and operators is likely to be present. There is a hidden context in which the player is induced directly or indirectly when adjusting the scoring method winning strategy, and balancing the characters. Nonetheless, some players find new cracks from the intent.. / Read more
The Rhetoric of Material and Space
2019 Sohyun Ahn (Director, Art Space Pool) Euyoung Hong’s installation tends to give a cordial reception to connection with language. Collected objects, enough that it can be assumed where they have been used, parts of removed buildings, and sculptures, which were cast out from these objects and spaces, are nothing short of delivering a message. Th.. / Read more
Gyeonggi Creation Center Advising Program
2019 Sohyun Ahn (Director, Art Space Pool) The artist Euyoung Hong's work is basically clear. It is intuitively easy to know what space is installed in the exhibition space, what part is omitted, what part is left, and how it differs from ordinary arrangement. And there is little room for disagreement on the topics that the spaces call for. Houses d.. / Read more
Elaborate Oblivion
2019 Euyoung Hong Solo exhibition Elaborate Oblivion by Euyoung Hong in Gallery 4 at the Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art in Gyeonggi presents new sculptures and installations, including various cast works that the artist devoted to creating in the past year. In her previous works, Hong continued to explore the social relationship between urban space.. / Read more
The Translation and Production of Urban Space
2018 Hyun Jung (Assistant Professor, Inha University) To what extent may a space be read or decoded? Under capitalism, the city became the center of gravity. Euyoung Hong has been consistently exploring the living condition of city dwellers, and urban ecology, which is constantly produced and made to disappear. The city is a space, wherein a.. / Read more
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