Euyoung Hong
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The Manual: Parts and Labour Co-curated by John Chilver and Brighid Lowe 14 November - 14 December 2014 Osan Museum of Art, Osan Throwing Euyoung Hong In the exhibition, Parts and Labour, co-curated by John Chilver and Brighid Lowe, a particular condition of art-making is given to artists. The condition includes written instructions for the produc.. / Read more
Layering Spaces
Penumbra Bermondsey Project Space 46 Willow Walk London SE1 5SF 18 - 27 October 2012 Layering spaces by Euyoung Hong In the exhibition Penumbra, the exhibition space is allocated to each of eight artists to work their projects for one day each. Rather than gathering eight different complete works into one exhibition space by dividing that space into.. / Read more
Euyoung Hong 'Fragmented Space'
Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea 9 April - 12 June, 2011 Jienne Liu (Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea) 2011 - This exhibition review was published in monthly Korean art magazine, Wolgan Misool, June, 2011. The exhibition Fragmented Space presented by Euyoung Hong comprehensively shows th.. / Read more
Fragment as a Clue or a Beginning
2011 Sunyoung Lee (Art critic) The gallery space, currently exhibiting Euyoung Hong’s sculptural installation, at first glance gives a deserted feeling, as of entering an emptied space. It is because, like a white rabbit sitting on white snow, white wall pieces are installed on the whiteness of the gallery walls so that one scarcely sees them. The work.. / Read more
Fragmented Space
2011 Euyoung Hong The Politics of Spatial Arrangement The territory is made of decoded fragments of all kinds.[1] In the Choson dynasty (1392-1910) in Korea, Confucianism was inaugurated as the national ideology.[2] Architecturally, almost every aspect of both domestic and social life was directly or indirectly affected by Confucianism durin.. / Read more
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