Euyoung Hong
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The Translation and Production of Urban Space
2018 Hyun Jung (Assistant Professor, Inha University) To what extent may a space be read or decoded? Under capitalism, the city became the center of gravity. Euyoung Hong has been consistently exploring the living condition of city dwellers, and urban ecology, which is constantly produced and made to disappear. The city is a space, wherein a.. / Read more
Spatial Thought through Capitalist Negative ..
2018 Euyoung Hong Dispossession occurs in a variety ways. External coercion by some superior power (merchants, states, colonial powers, multinationals, etc.) entails the penetration of some pre-existing social order and geographical terrain to the advantage of that power. Fresh room for accumulation must exist or be created if capitalism is to survive.. / Read more
Green from Green
Green from Green: Euyoung Hong's Sculptural Mapping of the Metropolization of Seoul 2017 Hye-yoon Jin (Art historian) A small potted plant sits on a corner, squashed against the ceiling. Placed on a ceiling corner instead of the floor, it could have gone unnoticed it if was not for the lighting. Upon a closer look, it’s clear that a plant can barely stand.. / Read more
Mapping the City
2017 Euyoung Hong October 19 - October 29, 2017 Nanji Art Show IV Mapping the City SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall SeMA Nanji Residency Mapping in a flexible era has become a creative and critical intervention within broader discourses of space and the ways that it may be inhabited. Mapping is freed from the problems of factual legitimacy an.. / Read more
Constructed Landscape
2016 Euyoung Hong September 27 - October 14, 2016 NARS Foundation 201 46th St Brooklyn New York 11220 From September 27 to October 14, 2016, new sculptures and installation works are presented in my solo exhibition at NARS Foundation, New York. This exhibition, entitled Constructed Landscape includes a large spatial construction, Spatial Con.. / Read more
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