Euyoung Hong
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Fragment as a Clue or a Beginning
2011 Sunyoung Lee (Art critic) The gallery space, currently exhibiting Euyoung Hong’s sculptural installation, at first glance gives a deserted feeling, as of entering an emptied space. It is because, like a white rabbit sitting on white snow, white wall pieces are installed on the whiteness of the gallery walls so that one scarcely sees them. The work.. / Read more
Fragmented Space
2011 Euyoung Hong The Politics of Spatial Arrangement The territory is made of decoded fragments of all kinds.[1] In the Choson dynasty (1392-1910) in Korea, Confucianism was inaugurated as the national ideology.[2] Architecturally, almost every aspect of both domestic and social life was directly or indirectly affected by Confucianism durin.. / Read more
Furniture Music
by Eva Diaz (Assistant Professor, History of Art and Design at Pratt Institute) 2007 Picture the interior of a corporate office, say IBM in its heyday in the 1950s or 1960s. As an extreme example of bureaucracized space, you probably can visualize it even if you haven’t actually seen it. Picture a vast area populated by endless rows of uniform desks, a seemi.. / Read more
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